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Thanksgiving 2017

We gather today once again to give thanks on a holiday unique to this great country of ours. A day when we actually stop and show our gratitude and share our gratitude for all the blessings we have. Despite politicians more concerned about spending OUR money to get themselves reelected and stay in power, despite news organizations more interested in corporate profits and pushing their perspective than informing the public, and despite having a war song for a national anthem, this is still the best country that has ever existed on this planet.
We can still express our opinions openly, however uninformed they may be.
We can travel & work wherever we choose.
We can own & bear arms to protect ourselves, family, & property.
We can worship God, or not, as we choose, no matter how misguided some beliefs may be.

We, the fortunate citizens of this country give thanks, after half a century, by recognizing the sacrifices of its Citizen-soldiers and the resources spent to protect and defend other people's Freedoms. 
We give thanks for a society & nation that is bringing down men who have used their power and positions for decades to take advantage of & abuse girls and women.
We give thanks that despite all the water, wind, & fires thrown at US in the last year, we are still the most giving and charitable Nation group of people who has ever existed on this planet. 
We recognize that the fires just north of us and the devastation brought by three hurricanes in one year to other parts of our country have again, demonstrated how giving and caring this country; thousands of citizens gave themselves and their money to help other people in this great country.

We at this table have much more to be thankful for. We live in the one of the best areas of this great country, we enjoy so much prosperity & good health compared with billions of others on this planet, and best of all, we have fine families and friends.

I thank them and The Force above for making this day a special one for all of US.

Great blessings to family, friends, & all the citizens of this unique collection of human beings.
And God bless America & the California Republic.
           So mote it be.

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