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    Long term Annuities:  Several that actually pay YOU when you invest with them!  Yes!  Isn’t that  a novel concept?   World class corporations that bonus their customers instead of their CEO's!?   Alas, there IS some fairness in the financial world.

Example: your old $100,000 CD getting nearly nothing (& being taxed on even that little bit) could immediately get $5000 added to it the day it transfers!  How long would that "lazy" CD have to be tied up to earn 5%?    Plus this bonus & future interest, are NOT taxed until YOU choose to pull money out.  Call us.  

    Long Term Care:  Did You know you can pay a 1-time lump sum & never have payments again(!)?  Policies that allow YOU to dial in all levels of coverage; in-home, assisted living, & full time.   Products from companies that have been & will be around if or when You or your loved ones need $’s the most. Call us.

     Life insurance :  From cheap temporary, to solid & boring, to market-based, all with guarantees(!).  Pay-as-you grow or pay-once-&-forget-it (great use for lazy CD $'s).

Set aside a little now so that those You care about, both people & organizations, may have a LOT more later.  Meanwhile, You get some really great tax advantages… & so may they!  Call us.

     Precious metals:  The REAL thing, right in YOUR hands.  Store wherever YOU desire.  Feel what it's like to hold & own an asset that is not someone else's liability.  Now there's an idea for some of those "lazy" CD $'s Call us.

    Real Estate:  NOW is the time to get some once-in-a-lifetime bargains/opportunity.   Real estate is REAL.  YOU control it.  YOU decide whether to live in it, to flip it, or to rent it.  Wonderful possible paybacks from today's choices: improved living, tax-advantaged profits, or long term income stream(!).  Call us.

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